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Tea party = hypocrites April 15, 2010

Posted by fetzthechemist in Uncategorized.

Today is Tax Day in the US. That provides a convenient platform for the Tea Party movement. They are against taxes and supposedly are for any move to lessen them. This is just one of their claimed stances. The others include seeking a smaller, less intrusive government; an emphasis on individual rights, especially those defined by the US Constitution; an end to government waste in such things as earmarked spending, lower government spending.

In all of these, they claim they have no partu affiliation, claiming they are not anti-Democrat nor pro-Republican. They claim a separateness from the GOP that belies their selective choosing of what parts of their principles they espouse.

On individual rights, there has not been one call for revamping the Patriot Act, even though its biggest uses have been in income tax evasion cases, not against terrorists. If the government can avoid supeonas and warrants to get tax information, isn’t that an intrusion on individual rights that are protected under the Constitution?

Earmarks are put in by every Congressperson, Republican, Democrat, or independent. Conveniently, the Tea Partiers list long numbers of earmarks put forward by Democrats. Nary a one by a Republican or their allied “independent” Joe Lieberman. On rare occasion they do mention that “bridge to nowhere” earmark created by Republican Ted Stevens of Alaska, but rarely.

Wasteful government spending? Yes, there plenty of targets, but they choose subsidized housing, food stamps, benefits to the unemployed. They avoid the biggest “entitlement” in the US, the welfare system for the elderly through Medicare and Social Security. They ignore the inherent Ponzi scheme structure of those two, because too many of those same tea partiers benefit from that public trough.

In dividual rights? They want to keep their guns. They want to force everyone to follow their Christian beliefs. They shout down any opposition as their free-speech right. Their individual rights are valuable, but others are trashed.

This selectivity points to the Tea Party movement as nothing more than conservatives trying to push their agenda even harder, against the Democrats and any Republican who is even slightly moderate (remember last autumn when their goddess Sarah Palin campaigned against the moderate Republican who won the GOP primary for a House seat  in upstate New York?). To the Tea Partiers, there only one allowable political stance, ultra-right wing. In a slap to the Founding Fathers, who tried to create a pluralistic democracy, they want a one-party totalitarian state.



1. Jonny - April 15, 2010

It’s difficult to classify the Tea Party, it’s mostly a heterogeneous mix of people. Lots of dumb people mixed in with lots of smart people. What you are saying is true. A lot of these guys are just picking on the poorer people who have become dependent on entitlements. Especially since they are more visible targets. Instead of pointing out things like the ICC that restrict trade, laws that hurt small business (lead testing in toys? lol), excessive farm subsidies, zoning stupidity, licensing excesses, the war on drugs, the war on terror. Those items together would do them much better if they addressed them.

But they still have many valid points and are asking important questions. As a libertarian (in CA, lol), I always point people to the databases of salary and pensions for the state of CA so people can really see where their money is going. Also the drug war clock is helpful.

Have a look around:

Have fun, maybe you will join the libertarians someday. We are a nice bunch actually.

2. fetzthechemist - April 15, 2010

They do have valid points and raise some issues that ought to be debated. But then they turn around and narrowly define those in terms that fit only a certain agenda. Yes, the government spends too much. Why not get rid of the Farm subsidy system that mainly pays big agribusiness corporations? Why not make the cost-of-living adjustment to Social Secirity tied directly to the rate of inflation rather than an amount always a slight percentage higher (so SS cost increase at a higher rate than the wages used to pay it)? Why do we still spent billions on weapons systems and bases the military does not want or need (we are still building several Cold War against the Russians type weapons and aircraft)?

I hate the hypocrites on the other side, too. Health Care “Reform: Act? It was just a way to get the poor under government-entitled healthcare. I was one of the straw people used to whip the insurance industry. I pay thousands and thousands a year for my insurance, but this bill changes that the sum of zip, zero, nada, and nothing.

3. Jonny - April 15, 2010

Yeah the Tea Partiers are morphing quickly into the hypocrisy you are talking about. The republicans were turning in blank sheets of paper as an alternative to the democrats healthcare proposal, instead of proposing doing things that would increase the amount of doctors being trained, increase interstate competition with insurance and lose some of the ridiculous licensing rules (Do we really need PharmDs that make $200K/yr?).

They were protecting their interests just as much. The tea party started out as revolution (supposedly) but is ending up much like the end of Animal Farm, where we can barely tell the difference between the pigs and humans. Sarah Palin is a good example of that process.

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