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National Day of Prayer May 6, 2010

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There has been a lot of controversy stirred up by conservatives, especially through the Internet. The rancor is directed at a supposed executive order given by President Obama declaring that this year there will not be a National Day of Prayer.

The origins of this go back to a recent ruling by a federal appelate judge in Wisconsin. His ruling was that separation of church and state meant that governments could not support such an observence through expenditures. This jusge was appointed several decades ago and his jurisdiction only covers the federal district in which he preside. So it is not national nor is it initiated by the Obama administration. It is the result of a lawsuit that have wound through the courts for years.

But Obama is Satan on Earth to conservatives and fundamental Christians, so the story had to morph to excoriate him.

But my big problem with all of this is fundamental philosophies. If these same conservatives and fundamental Christians adamantly espouse less government intrusion in people’s personal lives and less spending by governments on things better supported by individuals, private organizations, and other non-governmental groups, then why are they expecting a President to federally mandate and support a day of prayer? Such an observance, for whatever reasons the prayers are directed at, ought to be a grassroots effort. There is a diametric paradox in the thinking, maybe even hypocritical and cynical in its flavor.

Have a nationwide day of prayer supported by a network of local observances. This whole thing has become yet another politicize issue to direct rancor at the President.



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