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Misdirected on Mehserle June 26, 2010

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In the Bay Area of California, the shooting on New Year’s Eve night of a young black man by a transit-agency policeman has galvanized the black community. The excess force and racial profiling charges led to a firestorm of indignation. But it strikes me as sadly ironic that the dead of one black youth, no matter the circumstances and legal outcome, take such precedence and bring up so much activist energy.

Black youth in this area and much of the rest of the US are inured in an aggressive and violent culture. On any given night in the Bay Area there might be five to ten killing of black youths by other black youths. Sometimes the impetus of a killing will be a minor dispute, a mistaken identity, an interpretation of a hat or shirt color as meaning something.

Why isn’t there one-tenth the energy and indignation about blacks denegrating each other (the N word is so commonplace in their conversations that it is equivalent to you, he, or she). The resorting to violence takes no effort. The lack of respect for anyone or anything is rampant – attacks within churches during services are not uncommon, attacks in front of young children, including sons and daughters, are common.

Meserle will be tried and in the least his life is forever a shambles, but he ought not be the creator of some movement that is misdirected away from the real threat to black youth.



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