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If the shoe fits. Stereotyping is racism July 14, 2010

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The NAACP has called the tea-party movement racist. Well, they are not officially espousing racist policies like the 1920s National Socialists of Germany. But the tea-party is a loose organization that cannot really be said to officially espouse any ideas. Its informality makes it strong, but hard to pin down or target.

But a largh majority of tea-party followers are hidbound stereotypers. They cannot differentiate a person named Hernandez or Ramirez as being different if they are Cuban exiles or their descendents; or US citizens from Peurto Rico (or Guam, since it has a lot of people with Hispanic last names from its centuries of Spanish rule); A legal immigrant or student from Chile or Uruguay; someone from metropolitan Spain; or their intended tagets of illegal immigrants from Mexico or central America.

They cannot tell an Arab from a Muslim, and yes, there are lots of Christian refugees of Arab descent from Lebanon, Iraq, and Egypt; as well as Jews from Iran, and the Arab nations. They even cannot differentiate a Sikh from India from an Arab – the Sikhs wear turbans afterall and they do speak with accents. They are all from “over there”, anyways.

The cultural ignorance and indifference of the tea-partiers makes them inherently racist. Their vision of the United States is the “Wonder Bread” era under Eisenhower where Mom and Dad had two or three kids in a suburban home. Dad was a middle-class worker, mom was stay-at-home.



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