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Sports, this and that July 22, 2010

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I’ve had several ideas for topics here in the past few weeks that are sports related. None really big enough to yield a full post. So I will amalgamate them into one.

World Cup? A yawner. Being in Qatar for two of its weeks, I was exposed to it as the top sports story on BBC, CCN, al Jazeera in English, et alia. Zero-zero ties after 90 minutes are not exciting. It is akin to watching the old-era of US college basketbal in the four-corners era when a team just held the ball to run down time and keep the score close.

Added to this is the gross incompetence and arbitrariness of soccer (football) referees. Dozens of game-deciding calls that were wrong. I assume FIFA uses its best refereees in these matches, so other level play must have abyssmal refereeing.

NBA basketball news? LeBron goes to Miami. Cleveland feels betrayed. He only wants to win a tiotle. Cleveland’s owner called LeBron a traitor, when the owner never made a real effort to build a champion. He always brought in second-rate and cheaper free agents, never trying much to bring in another impact player. Cleveland fans ought to thank James for putting them on the sports map for a while.

Playing the games will tell if the move worked.

Sports agents are pimps? Yeah, Nick Saban stated the obvious. Agents are trying to line up talent by hook or crook. They do not care about college sports except it is a vehicle to attract attention to future clients. If every athletic program got put on probation for agents’ actions, there will not be one “boohoo” from the agents as they take the money to their banks.

College athletics has been anachronistic in this because the athletes no longer value college, even for a free education. They all think they can make it big0time and get rich. They use the colleges as much as people accuse the colleges of using athletes.

Finally, what is up with Sammy Sosa? He has done the whitening thing even beyond anything that Michael Jackson ever did.



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