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A-Rod’s 600th and the whole steroid asterisking August 5, 2010

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With apologies to any non-baseball fans, I will give my opinion on Alex Rodriguez’s 600th career home run.

The sperts media, acting in its self-appointed role of “the conscience” within sport, has continued its harping on another baseball home run achievement, Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) hitting his 600th career home run. These broadcasters and writers claim they are upholding some unwritten, yet sacred, definition of the purity of the sport. They speak of the current era of steroid and human-growth-hormone (HGH) use as if nothing remotely resembling this has ever happened before.

Major-League Baseball (MLB) may be the true culprit, but that is rarely mentioned. MLB did not ban steroid use until earlier this decade. This is well after A-Rod’s use of these early in his career. As with Barry Bonds, Mark Magwire, Sammy Sosa, and Rafael Palmero, the use was not outside the rules and did not break any laws (unless the steroids were illicitly prescibed medicines in the few jurisdictions requiring prescriptions in the 1990s).

 If it was not breaking the rules, then the sports media expected these players to follow these unwritten purity rules, that playing with “artificial” help rather than only natural abilities was required. In earlier eras, nobody bothered with drug testing of any sort. Amphetamines were used widely, yet there was no thought of these aiding a player in any way.

These retroactively imposed standards make little logical sense. How can you follow unwritten rules made years later?



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