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Islam is to terrorism as Christianity is to the Inquisition August 14, 2010

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This overblown controversy about plans to build a mosque a few blocks away from where the World Trade Canters were destroyed grates my nerves. It is driven by bigotry and ignorance. A mosque is a holy place a worship for Muslims, just as a church is such for Christians. Were there protests in Oklahoma City over any churches being build in the area of the Federal building bombing that was done by fanatical Christians? No.

Islam is not defined by the acts of a small fraction. Even the actions of the Shiitemullahs and ayatollahs are only a minoir bit of Islam, a few percent mainly located in and around Iran. It is no different than the fanatic Serb Orthodox Christians becoming the poster children for all of Christianity. They slaughtered Croats and Bosniams by the thousands and thousands, based solely on differences of religion, yet nobody tarred Christianity for that.

In my many recent travels to Muslim nations, I have seen a quite different view of that faith. In these countries, there are not only natives, but legions of foreign guest workers, many from other Muslim nations. They get along and work together as well or better than analogous examples that I see in the US and Europe. In the classes I teach, a group may be a mixture of people from four or five countries, yet they discuss things and joke among each other very quickly. Quicker than I expect to see A Canadian, an Australian, an Englishman, and an American do so in a similar situation.

I am told that the Koran teaches that all Muslims are first siblings in the faith, brothers and sisters. What I see echoes that. In contrast, I often see Christians following views that their denominations each are steeped in, and forgetting that Christians follow Jesus Christ’s example and teachings. A mosque seems more acceptable that some of the hate-filled places that call themselves churches.



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