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Fox News: the bigoted, hate channel October 15, 2010

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Now Bill O’Reilley joins his fellow Fox News star Glenn Beck in espousing that Moslems killed Americans in the September 11th, 2001 terrorism. These guys are intelligent enough to know that Moslems and Islam were not the perpetrators. It was a small group claiming their true-faith version of Islam. This is akin to people blaming Christians for the Inquisition; the slaughtering of millions of native Americans, Australian aboriginies, and other indigenous peoples;; the horrific debaucles of the Children’s Crusade or those “rusades into Christian nations like Poland and Lithuania; the witch burning in the US, England, and other nations in Europe.

Fox News stirs up these viewpoints knowingly, telling ignorant Americans who are gullible a series of half-truths and outright lies to create both high ratings (and profits) and to support a conservative political agenda. There is no surprise that News Corp., Fox News’s parent company, donates millions of dollars to Republican and tea-party candidates and causes. “Fair and Balanced” is their hypocritical motto.



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