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Joe Miller of Alaska, another tea=party hypocrite November 10, 2010

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There is a vote count going on in Alaska for a US senatorial seat, currently held by Lisa Murkowski. She is a REpublican who lost the primary to a tea-party candidate, Joe Miller. Once that happened, Miller and that tea-party Alaskan demigod Sarah Palin, started spouting the line of uniting behind the chosen candidate. This after a very divisive campaign. Murkowski stuck to her views, ironically something Palin has kept urging tea-party candidates throughout the US t do during the campaign season.

With a close vote, Miller now turns to the same old poitical shenanigans that tea-partiers love to rail about when it is a Democrat or a mainstream Republican doing it. He is contesting any write-in vote that does not exactly spelll out Murkowski. No Merkowski or Muroski or Murkowsky or any other variation that was obviously intended for Lisa Murkowski. Another example that what the tea partiers preach and campaign on is not what they practice. That is called politics as usual and hycocracy.



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