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Like a black Jimmy Carter March 12, 2011

Posted by fetzthechemist in Uncategorized.

Like most people who are middle of the road or liberal in their political views, I had great hopes that Barack Obama would be a much different leader than George W. Bush. He has been, but unfortunately often in ways that are disappointing. The current crisis in Libya and his handling of it is a low=water point and strong example of Obama’s inherent flaws.

Obama is a conciliator and looks for compromise, often to the point of having no real strongly defined core position. The health-care-reform bill was a kluge job of so many compromises that it changed little on the cost side of health care because it appeased the doctors, attorneys, hospitals, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, and insurance companies to gain their support. Now with Libya, Obama says lots of platitudes for freedom and democracy, while those Libyans who rose up for it are grossly outweigh by firepower. Airplanes that bomb and strafe, helipcopters, tanks, and heavy artillery are winning the day for Gaddafi. It is likely that a bloodbath of retribution will soon happen, while Obama and his European counterparts give more speeches condemning Gaddafi’s ways. Big deal. Decisiveness and some real leadership qualities – making quick and tough decisions that support your views – were not done and the window for change in Libya is closed. Gaddafi has played nice only recently, so the US treats him with kid gloves. Everyone knew that Gaddafi was a ruthless tyrant who has no scruples. Why didn’t Obama treat him with that in mind? Because he is weak and does not want to do anything that anyone will object to.



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