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Is the GOP the anti-science party? It seems to certainly be September 16, 2011

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Michelle Bachmann says the HPV virus is personal choice and can cause mental retardation. No proof of any kind on that latter claim, either. Personal choice is a liberaterian-sounding theme, but it does not involve science or personal responsibility. (If people who make health choices, like not having kids vaccinated would sign a waiver that they will not rely on government healthcare if their decision backfires, I might feel differently – but I digress). HPV is proven to prevent a cancer that is potentially spread through sexual activity. Doing it early is prevention, and making it mandatory is no different that other childhood shots. But those, too, are under attack by the “personal choice”, scientifically illiterate who fear the straw-man bugaboo of autism from shots for whooping cough or measles or smallpox or polio or whatever.

Climate change to the GOP is just driven by a bunch of job-killing scientists who are using science for social engineering towards a liberal, green world. It is either not real or not caused by people.

Evolution is just a theory, a dreamt up set of ideas. Creationism must be given equal exposure. It is based on “proven” science. Local control of schools is part of this, because Washington cannot and should not be involved in directing any curriculum.

These are the big, headline-getting themes. Others include that NASA is just wasting taxpayers money (except for the jobs it produces in Florida, Texas, Alabama, et alia). The NSF only funds ridiculous “science” that does not benefit taxpayers. The US EPA only creates burdensome and job-killing regulations that ought to be states’ decisions.

The Tea Party portion of the GOP, which now is dominant, has preyed on this scientific ignorance and phobia. They tout those themes of personal choices and local control to swath ideas that belittle any scientifically-generated ideas. For many, their Bibles will tell them anything and everything they need to know.



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