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Is the GOP the anti-science party? Most definitely September 16, 2011

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Over the past few years, coinciding with the arising of the Tea Party as a dominating force in the Republican party, the GOP has moved further and further into an anti-science stance. Under the guise of local choice in school curricula, the GOP candidates and office holders tout creationism as a valid alternative that ought to be allowed in schools teaching biology. Michelle Bachmann adds personal choice and a libertarian Tea Partyist theme to another area by saying governments should leave vaccination for HPV up to individuals (which is only one tiny step removed from bringing the large number of misguided, scientifically illiterate parents who avoid vaccinations fr whooping cough, measles, smallpox, and other diseases out of Internet-fed rumors that they cause autism (Bachmann even accused the HPV vaccine of causing mental retardation, even though there has never ever been one report of that).

The GOP says climate change is either not real or if it is, it is not caused by manmade activities. They say it is just a job-killing movement. So is any environmental protection. Many Tea Partyers want to abolish the EPA, to the joy of many heavy industries, like oil and gas, mining, metallurgy, et cetera. Consumer-protection laws are some of the job killers, too. Regulations ought to go back to local governments, states being the most mentioned choice among the GOP stalwarts, like Rick Perry. Lead in paint? Let Iowa decide on its limits. Salmonella in food? Let Texas decide on its food. Sulfur and nitrogen in fuels leading to smog? Do not let California or New York decide because they will go overboard and be too limiting, but control how the US EPA does it to be some compromising, less strict version acceptable to all states.

NASA? A total waste of tax payer money, except for the facilities in Florida, Texas, Alabama and other GOP-strong states, where it is a needed job source. Cut everything useless, like efforts in California. Privatize NASA in those cases.

The National Science Foundation? A totally wasteful government bureacracy that funds ridiculous and useless science (except in GOP districts).

The ignorance of most American for science and technology is often preyed upon by politicians who make change and difference sound scary. The GOP now is the meeting place for all those scaremongers.



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