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7 billion unserved November 1, 2011

Posted by fetzthechemist in Uncategorized.

The UN says that yesterday marked the day in which the human population hit 7 billion. Even with its one-child policy, China is still growing. India, with no restraints other than a strong preference for male children and the corresponding high rate of female fetus abortions, is growing much faster. Both are emerging economic powers that look at any restraints on growth as a form of economic warfare that limits their nations and cultures. Their populations are now becoming the acquisitive capitalistic ones in the “West” over the past century and a half. This means an unbridled attitude that will be hard to change. They want all the “advantages” of Western society – nice house, nice cars to drive around crowded cities, et cetera. Will this just cause an even greater snowballing of population in the two? Will other nations with large populations in similar circumstances, such as Indonesia, follow suit? Will 8 billion happen in only a few years, with each successive billion occurrng faster? It looks more than likely, with real economic wars being more and more likely.



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