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UNESCO votes in Palestine, Israel retaliates November 1, 2011

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UNRSCO voted 31st October to admit Palestine as a full-member state. 1st November, Israel shows its true colors and intentions by accelerating 2000 settlement house in the pre-1967 areas that are not internationally recognized as Israeli territory and freezing tax monies they collect for the Palestinian Authority. Taking more Palestinian lands and freezing money rightfully belonging to the Palestinians, and at the same time painting themselves as the agrieved victims of injustice. The Jewish are proud of their chutzpah, which means in this case a boasting bullying of the Palestinians and saying the Palestinians are the roadblocks to real peace. The US, European Union, and the United Nations will ignore this and take the usual blind-eyed approach of not pointing out Israel’s errors, but will trumpet those of the Palestinians. It is no wonder that after almost 65 years, the Palestinians and other Arabs see no hope in a peaceful solution.



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