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Google and other Internet companies are hypocrites January 19, 2012

Posted by fetzthechemist in Uncategorized.

It strikes me that the vehemence of Google, Apple, Facebook, and other Internet-based companies over the flawed legislation of SOPA and PIPA wending their ways through the US Congress are not consistent with these companies other business practices. If they emphasized that their role to police content was onerous and misplaced, that millions of users are hard to monitor effectively, I’d concur. But they wave the flags of liberty and freedom of the Internet. They totally dismiss the topic of Internet piracy being a profit loss for publishers and those who produce movies, TV shows, and music.

But in their operations regarding another kind of intellectual property wicj they profit from, that of patent rights, these same companies are the most aggressive group as an industry. Patent holders in the Internet business and the affiliated areas of software and hardware, use their issued patents to routinely squelch any potential competition. Small companies are smashed by the current behemoths on any pretext that their hordes of patent attorneys can come up with. Innovation be damned! The sainted Steve Jobs was one of the foremost advocates of this slash and burn marauding, using Apple’s broadest interpretations of its patents to try to kill anything involving downloaded content, applications for mobile devices, et cetera. I just find it cynically ironic when anyone touts one right that they ignore in another context (like the Occupy movement advocating their rights to both free speech and to shout down anyone who opposes them.)



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