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Why are incumbents sacrosact? January 19, 2012

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In this presidential year, it strikes me again that this unwritten rule that a US president holding office is very rarely challenged by anyone in his own party. Barack Obama is at best a very flawed candidate. He is totally rejected by REpublican, as can be expected. But many Democrats find him to be weak, indecisive, and pusillanimous. The right shouts about Obamacare, when in reality it did very little to reform the health-care system. Obama caved to the doctors, the hospitals, the insurers, and the pharmaceutical industry. The final law changed nothing for three-quarters of the people, guaranteeing that they or their employees would continue to be gouged by health insurers.

Obama was the one to stay the course in both Iraq and Afghanistan, with no substantive changes from the Bush approaches. On illegal immigration, Obama has come up with a gray area approach of no prosecution and deportation of illegal aliens who are not dangerous criminals. This displeases everyone since it just sweeps the issue under the carpet. After 8 years of anti-environment policies, Obama was expected to create a long-overdue tidal wave of new environmental regulations. What resulted was a trickle. Et cetera, et cetera on every major issue.

So why aren’t there grassroots movements to put forward an alternative? This might at the least wake the Democrats and Obama up to trying to something other than just complaining about the opposition.



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