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Kindling April 16, 2012

Posted by fetzthechemist in Uncategorized.

I bought a Kindle Fire when they first came out in November. It was an inexpensive and very portable way to read and send emails when I am travelling. (In the Middle East, laptops draw more scrutiny, especially in Saudi Arabia.) Generally it has worked well as a plan. The only exceptions might be when I am in places without free universal wifi (what passes for wifi in the GCC countries is also a far cry from what is prevalent in the epicenter of the techie world, my home area of the San Francisco Bay Area it is very fast and really connects through transmissions rather than hardwiring.)

But the Kindle is an ebook reader, the umpteenth generation of Amazon’s tablet. I kept putting off downloading books. I do prefer the comfort of a paper book, hardcover or paperback. But I finally did this past week, buying Jennifer Egan’s short story collection Emerald City. I am quickly adapting to reading books this wa. The Kindle will hold a lot of books and it is pretty light in weight and small in size.

I know I will buy paper books still and read a mix of one and the other forms. But life is all about changing and exploring.



1. an emirates cabin crew - July 10, 2014

omg i loved your post!!so if u as passenger can feel all this problems immagine how hard is for us work with this people..i never been racist and i dont think all indians are the same..but unfortunatly mostly are exactly as u described..i really suggest you to complain to emirates all this problems..if all passengers start to complain then they ll probably do something about it!!in the meanwhile pray for us and in your next flight just hug one of the cabin crew and tell them i know how you feel..this probably will make his day after 15 hours being treated as a waiter..😔 thanks for fly with emirates

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