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Mitt Romney – the man without a stance April 17, 2012

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The presumptive Republican nominee for president, Mitt Romney, has consistently shown that political expediency is his main driving force,the need to be electable by whoever he is speaking to. Now, with the primaries effectively done, his tying himself to conservative views is no longer necessary. That was his tune when he was winning Republican delegates. All that was heard was I support the second amndment (forgetting that as Massachusetts governor he supported several laws limiting the possession of guns), Obama care is bad and government should not tell people how to live their lives (forgetting his own push for required health-care insurance when he was governor) transparency in his finances by claiming he had released two-years of tax returns when it has been only one, and on and on. Every issue has several responses that have varied over time and by audience. His aide may have let lose too publicly that Romney would be like an Etch-a-Sketch and erase all primary statements by new views during the presidential campaign. This has been Romney’s pattern throughout his political areer. It is no wonder that most Republicans dislike and distrust him. Independents and Democrats will soon learn that he is even less trustworthy than even his partymates think.



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