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Another observation about Indians May 5, 2012

Posted by fetzthechemist in Uncategorized.

The caste and class systems are supposed to be extinct. But watching plane after plane full of them, I see behaviours that show me it is not. Passengers dealing with the cabin crew are rude, self-centered, self-important to the point of arrogance, unappreciative, and get upset when they are treated like everyone else. If Indians do this to service people in this context, they must treat their house servants much, much worse. An Indian house servant’s life must be like something out of Dante’s Inferno.



1. Norma King - October 18, 2013

The problem is not as straightforward as you think. This is a group of people steeped in old age tradition. No exposure to the culture and mannerisms of the world. In their mind theirs is the superior culture. That is how they think. Your observation is 100% correct. If I said otherwise you would think a. I am in denial b. I am protective of fellow Indians c. I am defensive and therefor somehow refractory to change. This is a deep rooted social problem. I am glad that you chose to write about it in your blog because I am sure that there are millions of people reading it all over. Maybe it will stir and shake up some people and wake them them up as to what the world thinks of them. It isn’t enough to talk about Aryabhata or Charaka or Buddha anymore. This is 2013. Sometime when we are not perceptive enough to see the truth, it helps to see the other’s point of view.

Firstly there are several very deep rooted problems inherent in Indian society. I am proud of its ancient civilization but cringe when I hear Indians continue to brag about it when today there is really nothing to brag about. The people who should have bragged about it are gone. They had bragging rights but not so the current Indians. I also do not agree with other writers who counter your argument with accusing other nationalities of similar outrageous behavior.That is not the first step towards change. Insight and acceptance of your faults is the first step towards a lasting remedy. I am going to begin by giving a very tangential reply to your observation which really has nothing to do with your airplane ordeal but more to do with the way an Indian thinks and functions and hence your ordeal.

1. We have a horrible and very corrupt government which solely exists for the purposes is making money but doing NOTHING for the country. Why Indians would vote for such people is mind boggling. There is very little infrastructure, very little opportunities for education and employment. A lot of the admissions are skewed and people with low marks but with plenty of money will often send their children to the best courses but deserving poor students will get left behind. This leaves Indians with the law of the jungle mentality, fend for your self. Get what you can for yourself otherwise you might lose. Hence the mad rush for everything.

In the govt. If there is a 2 party system and not all these multiple parties jostling for a piece of the pie, it might make for better administration. Also a criminal history should debar one from aspiring for a political or any career. That is the matter for another debate.

2. Transportation is very very poor. Many Indians walk on the roads. Most do not have cars ;these are for few privileged.So if a bus comes along, there is a mad rush to get into it. People are only thinking about themselves; how to get in; there is no sense of courtesy or orderliness; if they don’t get in quick someone else will and they will have to wait on the road for another bus to come along, so all hell breaks lose and here they are piling into the bus one on top of each other just vying to get inside.stepping on toes, bumping others with their luggage, hustling for a seat, luggage space, pushing others etc. Same process gets repeated when they get out. Likewise in a plane it is all about ‘me and my personal comfort’ and to hell with yours. Indians are, I admit the rudest ill mannered people on earth. This comes from the survival of the fittest mentality and the fact that they have very little international exposure and do not know how the rest of the world behave with others and how to conduct oneself in public. I have had these very things happen to me and and I can say that Northern Indians are very loud and brash and aggressive and I hate sitting next to an Indian myself. He will definitely put both his elbows on the seats, not let you have any room, spread his legs as wide as possible and if you are a woman, try to get as close to you as possible, perhaps sing a dirty song, and touch you etc. Again this is not a generalization but I have suffered this. Nasty.

2. Caste system is still very rampant and people will not marry outside of their caste into a lower caste.The treatment they mete out to servants is appalling. I will elaborate later on that one. Point is Indians mentally grade themselves into 4 groups very high, high, low and lowest caste, plus another group called the untouchable. Because it is believed that the upper classes treated the lower classes badly over time and exploited them over centuries etc etc now there is a reverse phenomenon officially sanctioned by the Govt of India called Reservation. This is unheard of in most countries around the world where there is preference given to abilities and aptitude and the rightfully deserving ones. Here either the well heeled or so called lower classes get a significant percentage of all privileges, be it admissions, jobs, a form of reverse racism, thus depriving the so called upper class whose ancestors may or may not have harassed the ancestors of these people. This gives rise to anger and frustration from people of better educated groups who then move to other lands for better opportunities. This is why you see more educated people living outside of India and working there. The people left behind are the grabbers and the leeches who got freebies doled to them instead of rightfully earning it.

3.Most Indians have never traveled outside their little villages and cities and have never been exposed to the outside world or corporate culture but due to the booming real estate prices have managed to sell their houses and land for fabulous sums and are able to finally have some disposable income to take jaunts around the world. These people are often not very educated and know little of manners and customs such as to not pick your nose, scratch your butt ( ewww) or fart in a public place, talk loudly etc. I apologize. I have been exposed to these and I know how it must feel.Body odor is due to various reasons. One of them is eating food. Indian spices are very strong and even though the food may taste good it does not always smell good to others esp on their bodies ! Indians eat sleep, cook, do everything with their clothes on . Plus there is also the sweating element.

Also do not forget that there is very little basic infrastructure with running water etc in India so the people do not have uniform access to water; the very poor do not bathe; A lot of Indians also urinate and poop in public. I once went to a bus station in Kolhapur, India to use the restroom . No lights, no doors,, no water. I did not know where the hell I was and hurriedly came out not having accomplished my mission but guess what, on my way out my foot sank into a soft mushy mess on the floor in the darkness. I feel sick to this day. Just think of that scene in slum dog millionaire. There are now toilets but people have gotten so apathetic and no one uses them and prefer to “go outside”. Because of all this India is constantly in the midst of nasty unpleasant odors and Indians are therefore insensitive to personal and body odors.

4.Indians also are very misogynistic and being a woman in India is worse than being born as a woman ANYWHERE ELSE in the world. It is such a demeaning and miserable experience. Most women have to travel on public transportation and the lecherous eyes of men once when descends out on the road to catch a bus is just short of rape. That is how women are treated in India. I know all my Indian bloggers are going to be upset with me for writing this but men make cheap and indecent /lewd remarks in public and private about women, to their face, if they are”lucky” to get close to them they grab and squeeze their breasts, pinch their bottoms etc,It is horrible. Dirty indecent comments are the order of the day. If a woman dares to go out at night she is on her own and will also run the risk of being raped. Every few minutes a woman gets raped. The Government is so busy making their money and traveling with their families to exotic foreign lands they couldn’t give a shit. I at least respect the Muslim countries who have tough Islamic laws to deal with this. In India no woman is safe. There is no respect for women in India. And they talk about Gods and goddesses. There are no severe laws or long imprisonments for rapists. In the USA they would have been locked away for decades.

5.Indians are also very ethnocentric and egocentric and have no respect for boundaries. They do not respect personal space. If you keep your car parked on the street, well why did you, I am going to take it. If you have planted a jasmine tree in your garden I am going to help myself to handful of them. What are neighbors for ? I don’t’ need your permission. If you say no then you are a bad person and I will not be your friend. All the neighbors will find out from me and will jeer at you.

There is a sense of entitlement over other’s goods and properties. Even a son is regarded in Indian society as a future insurance policy for old age. A daughter is nothing. Female fetuses are frequently aborted after an early Ultrasound even though its unlawful in India. India really hates its women. The sons are groomed to be future guardians and the parents of boys have a strong sense of entitlement and live with the son’s family and dictate orders to the daughter in law. There is no personal space for her in that house. Everything belongs to the son and hence to them. The reason why arranged marriages worked is because women were too scared or concerned about the children to leave. Indian women are treated badly in their own childhood homes, given less education, less opportunities, less of a say in anything so they are perpetually enslaved to their husband’s home when they they get married.

6.Indians expect to say yes when when they ask you to do something. That has been my experience. If you refuse then you will be the out caste. This nasty sense of entitlement I perceive as highly uncivilized but is seen by them as not receiving timely help in an unfortunate situation.I think a more civilized approach would be to ask the person if he minds moving to another seat; if he obliges fine if he says sorry but no, then damn Indians suck it up. Go ask someone else.Can’t you see that worldwide you are being perceived as beggars, parasites, dishonest and hustlers. Why continue to perpetuate the image ?

Everywhere, I mean everywhere in India, there is corruption. There is not one office or company in India that you can get your work done by honest means. All the officials take and demand kickbacks and so the average Indian has learn to be corrupt too. It is horrible to say this about a nation. Any crimes are given very lenient punishments, a slap in the wrist because the higher official of a policeman or a politician will intervene and get the criminals out of the prison. Judges are easily corrupted by money and lawyers frequently act as double agents. There are very rudimentary laws, a very ineffective police force and punishment for serious crimes are 7-10 years. Here in the US the punishments meted out for the same types of crimes are 20-80 years in prison. In china for drug trafficking you get death penalty. It is a strong deterrent but in India none of that. Lawlessness is rampant here and no one is really in control. It is more akin to anarchy with a corrupt govt. I cannot believe that the Indians are so apathetic and yet keep complaining. Even Arabs are better than them.

7.Manners and politeness are unknown to Indians. Especially the men. They will talk loudly in their language without caring about others, never mind if you are sleeping. WTH is the blogger writing to say that its OK to talk on the plane when people are trying to sleep ? Its NOT OK. You have to be considerate to others, shut the F*** up or talk in low tones so others can get some sleep. Its not all about YOU. There are 300 people on this airplane all of whom have paid to travel and they should not have to put up with this. Indians should understand that there is no excuse for stepping on someone’s foot (or bumping them real hard in the rear with a suitcase) and this really calls for a true heartfelt apology. This is unacceptable.

8. The educated Indians have been fortunate enough to travel, get better opportunities elsewhere in the globe and have acquired better skills but it is these uneducated Indians and the neo riche that are bringing the country down. These people have the money but no class but what the outside world sees is only the fact that we are Indian and look Indian and so everyone must be the same.

9. I could go on and on and can tell you that though Indians are perceived as rude, loud, uncivilized, disgusting, smelly,ill mannered,self righteous,ethnocentric, misogynistic, dishonest, corrupt, lawless, self righteous and demanding. Not all is true for everyone although after some time people tend to place them in the same pool. I don’t blame them. It is for Indians to rise to the occasions and see what the outside world sees, and although some of it maybe unintentional, it is unacceptable. In all fairness I can also say that India is changing in many ways and a younger population is traveling more becoming savvy and used to the accepted ways of the world and would say all hope is not lost yet. Please…. Indians do not jump on the racist bandwagon but instead keep your feet on the ground and hear what he is saying. I am sure I will get a lot of flack for writing this but could not help myself. Stay tuned.

fetzthechemist - October 18, 2013

Thank you for your long and well-thought out and well stated ideas. India must be a mélange of a few good things and many bad ones. It did not surprise me at all that it is reported to be the world’s leading place of slavery.

lyn - July 12, 2014

Now I understand.You answered all the questions I wanted to ask in my entire flying career with 2 airlines in the Middle East yet hesitant to do so as Indians may find it offensive if I did.Thank you

2. tom - June 22, 2014

Norma King, you would not get any “lot of flack for writing this”. yours is “brutal-truth” that leaves nothing….magnum opus. great. I dont have words to express how true it is

ignore my replies to other few.. there is no other way

3. Carlos - December 20, 2014

You’re 100% racist, trying to delude yourself into thinking another ethnic group are wholly bad because you, yourself and your loved ones are inbred perverts, molesters, with no concept of hygiene. I never come into contact with people like you because of the faecal matter and urine that stains your hands and whatever else you touch. Your BO and faeces stench is unbearable, please bathe fetzthechemist, you induce vomiting to the poor souls around you. When your not shouting abuse like a yob, you are listening to moronic music, and making perverted advances to children, you disgust so many people.

4. Raj - February 19, 2016

its quite Elaborate.. I would like to comment on few points

1. Cast which should be eliminated . But it is in different forms all over the world..Even In America ‘the well developed country’ there is racism where it is still not eliminated

2. Women are also not safe all around the world, right from Pakistan to England we can read at least 2 rape news in a month of any country. Take couple of months back of UK newspaper you can see a women standing for bus was raped

3. India is diversity country , one of the Indian was awarded in America for giving out all his life earnings to the children studies at the same time there are persons who do extreme corruptions

4. Right from NASA to Microsoft, contribution of Indians are the best and they outnumber all

5. Even the worlds great Alexander was defeated by a small India king , If great Indian kings (like Raja raja chola) though to conquer the world , they would have done is easily..But they followed ethics that people should live peacefully

There are lot and lot more points to argue but I do not like to do it with a person who has no clear knowledge

I accept corruption is very bad over in India, but things will change and once corruption is eliminated Indians will rule the world..

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