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But not all south Asians fit the picture May 5, 2012

Posted by fetzthechemist in Uncategorized.

While travelling I have met south Asians from Sri Lanka. The casual observer might think they were very similar, because Sri Lanka is an island just off the southeast coast of India. But my experience has been that Sri Lankans are thoughtful, couteous, more empathetic, and less self-important in their thinking than their neighbors. The island has a different history (times under the Portuguese and Dutch before the British), a different religion (Buddhism is predominent, not Hinduism), and a much less ethnic and religious mixture.



1. Venky - October 4, 2013

So typically Anglo-Saxon. Divisive, subtle, self-righteous and selectively misintrepreting others. Highly qualified yes, but full of superiority-complex … and just as street-smart as everyone else, only thoroughly gift-wrapped. Huh.

“No! i don’t generalize!! (but yes, silently i do)”

fetzthechemist - October 4, 2013

So typically Indian. Dividive, unsubtle, seil righteous, and selectively midinterpreting others. Hoghly qualified but full of superiority and just as streetcomplex. As everyone else without any gift wrapping. You are accusingothers of something and then doing it yourself. You tout the superiority of Indian culture to get along with each other, if you are Indian. You call us racists because we expect you to act like us outside of India, yet you expect us to not act like westerners when we are outside of our own regions. Are Indians just sel-centred hypocrits?

Roy - October 4, 2013

Fetz –did you know Hinduism is not a religion yes? and it is more appropriatly termed under the umbrella of Sanatan Dharam which is a way of life that incorporates the concept of Buddhism , Jainism , Sikhism and so on
Racists I think is not the right word and Venky here perhaps should have phrased it in a more aesthetically pleasing prose
Divide and rule is an old concept older then the Anglo Saxon angle –its just this community were the last Empire and hence take the flak
Typically Indian –I think either you really do not like Indians or for that matter have had terrible experiences , but just imagine if we all thought like that ..Would any Jewish person speak to a German , hey would any Christian speak to a Jew considering what happened to Jesus and while we are there would any Zooastrian speak to an Islamic follower , Would any Irish person speak to a Brit , Should any coloured person ever speak to a white person ..I mean where are we heading
Sri Lankans lets be frank , they did kill women children innocent and for what –one person leading the LTTE ..Well there we have an honourable courteous empathic community —I did not hear nor see any one in Sri Lanka kick up a proper fuss , actually I did not see the World care .
Take Libya , Tunisia , Egypt and now Syria –are you really sitting here and telling me divide and rule did not happen is happening –its only in Syria now you have Russia which speaks sense
Its very hard to accept a culture a community being racist , its very easy to deny and wish to believe different but you know I wish it was so
And for what its worth Indians in India kiss some serious arse at the expense of so Indians and NRI when it comes to bending over for the old colonial rulers —its just now a days things are changing and I know people do not like change
Plus sometimes if you give a too much candy too soon to a kid they do not know how to handle it –you will need to wait a generation and then you may find the shoe is on the other foot
If you really look at Indian history and I mean properly not what is considered acceptable –that means reading Konraad Elst , and not the Indian school curriculum , and both the British history books –and credit where credit is due –Brits have written a fair reflection of history prior to R Clive and the EIC ( and actually after that too) –one just has to read around you will see what India actually is , Who India is and Which people really make India good and which make Her bad

fetzthechemist - October 4, 2013

My comments were not a blanket indictment of all Indians nor did I ever say that there are not a proportion who are aware that other people are flying on the same plane. But compared to my experiences in flying over a million miles, I found that the proportion of Indians who could care less about their fellow passengers and crew, only thinking about themselves, is much higher than I have experienced. This blog was first written a while ago and it just keeps being reinforced by more and more experiences on flights. This has nothing directly to do with Indian history, religious beliefs, or culture, although those do have an influence on the way Indians behave.

2. Roy - October 6, 2013

its cool no worries I can take others opinion and views and still have a beer and drinks with them
After all we all have the same wishes in life
Yes and you are right regarding history –after all if you know where you are from you know where you are going , the problem in India is that no one wants to really know/or are they allowed to learn where they have come from hence the problem

fetzthechemist - October 6, 2013

Maybe dize does matter. Until the recent advent of tamil and singhalese nationalism, Sri Lanka was more accepting of its various minorities, including the Moslems and others. There few only in small communities or sreas of the big cities. Minorities in Indian are in the millions and very rdgional – being majorities in certain regions. The size and localization lesd to more divisiveness. Thus the many drives for autonomy and their own states in India.

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