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Marlissa Mayer is right – telecommuting is bad business March 5, 2013

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Recently, Marlissa Mayer, the CEO of ahoo, changed the company policy allowing telecommuting. Her reasons were lambasted by many as being archaeic. She said face-to-face communication fostered better ideas, more creativity and that telecommuting fostered and isolation and separation of employees that hurt teamwork. She is absolutely correct.

Creativity is a synergy that is obvious to anyone who has ever been in a high-powered brainstorming session. People feed off of each others’ ideas and energy. Being in the same room builds and even creates a competition to be more out-of-the-box. Other communication forms, especially the casual conversationalism, worked best around “the water cooler” or by just stopping by someone’s cubicle or office. The tone is relaxed,intimate, and confidential if need be. These types of interactions getmuted and are structured very differently when done over the Internet, even with Skype. The distance and isolationof the digital interaction mute the tone and connections.

These issues are especially important in a workforce under 35 years old. This generation has grown up more isolated and with less developed interpersonal skills. Telecommuting may be only more comfortable because it relies on the separateness. The people lose even more opportub=nities to grow in interpersonal skills. From a career standpoint, this limits their capabilities in the future as supervisors and managers.



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