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Fruity delights February 24, 2014

Posted by fetzthechemist in Musings, Speculation.

In my travels I have tried in the past couple of years to try new fruits, ones not common in the US (or at least in the San Francisco Bay Area). This started with having fruit salad at a hotel in Doha, Qatar. There we4re chunks of dragonfruit, pink skinned with that black speckled white flesh.That got me curious, even though dragonfruit is very bland to my taste buds. Next, in January of last year, were wax jamu and starfruit while in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. Both were tasty and pretty to see. That led me to a supermarket during my next visit to Qatar. There were rambutan, lychee, custard apple, mangosteen, and slices of jackfruit. Most were tasty and several are very eye-catching – rambutan and mangosteen. Then it was a different supermarket while in Dubai this past December. Yellow pitahaya, more starfruit and mangosteens and rambutans,and soursop. Back in the US, I bought a few books on exotic fruits, used ones through Amazon. Most were full of recipes, but some of each was about the fruits and their plants, uses, et cetera. I found a supermarket in my area that does carry some exotic fruit, which varies on the season. So from there I have tried Chinese gooseberry, Cape gooseberry (a totally different plant source), Buddha’s hand citron, prickly pear, and got starfruit, rambutan, and mangosteens (it is great having a source that some of the time has these and other favorites). I tried granardilla and dragonfruit on a more recent trip to Abu Dhabi. I will keep my eye out both here and overseas for ones to try. I wonder if there will be comments suggesting other peoples’ favorites.



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