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To all Indians, it was about courtesy. March 19, 2017

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Five years ago, I posted a blog here on my experiences flying to and from Dubai on Emirates. The point of the post was that amongst the passengers, many were either people who were Indian-Americans or from India itself and that a certain proportion were not good to fly with. This portion, but not all, were oblivious to me and other fellow passengers by being rude, loud, discourteous, and oblivious or indifferent to that.

This one post has by far been the most active one on this blog, with hundreds of comments. They either adamantly disagree and use charges of racist or cultural ignorance or Indian nationalism as arguments. Conversely there have been numerous posts agreeing and even expanding the grievances. The ones I most connect with are those from cabin-crew members because I see how awfully they can be treated.

The point of this post was to ask why Indians had a larger proportion of these boorish people than other nationalities. Yes, I have been on flights full of mainland Chinese and eastern Europeans. Neither are good co-passengers either, but even they are more courteous and aware that others fly with them. These postings in comment have main good and valid points that many Indians are ignorant of norms in other countries and that more could be done to educate then on awareness before they fly. Others point out that amongst Indians such courtesy is more common and that maybe the mindset needs to be Imore inclusive and expansive when in a group from many nations.

I also must admit to becoming more tolerant, but there are limits. I still do not think ignoring the crew’s instructions for boarding, in-flight actions (fastening seat belts, for example), landing, and deplaning can be ignored.




1. Arjun - March 25, 2017

I am an Indian and I fully agree with you. I have never taken an international flight, but I have seen the domestic flights. Agree with all points other than the smell. . I had often wondered what would foreigners think about this behavior. Before any guys and come bash me for my comments, if you never saw any of this, you might be the one doing it. I had never .. I mean even saw a domestic flight without kids running around (I find them cute though,, ), people never form a single line to board the plane .. NEVER!!! Its almost like the walkers from walking dead… No one gives a shit about priority boarding announcement..

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