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Exotic fruits are not that exotic anymore March 21, 2017

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I have written here about the start of a pastime I picked up, the eating of fruits that are not commonly found in the US. It started on a 2-week trip to Qatar, in a small town away from Doha. I was staying at a company’s guest residence, which was more like a nice small hotel in its layout. Food was served at the company’s main building complex, but there were times when this was not so because of repair work and preparations for a big company event. So another instructor of a short course and I walked the 15 minutes to the nearest grocery supermarket to get cooking ingredients (there was a full kitchen in the guest house).

This supermarket had mangosteens, rambutan, chiikoo (sapote). I bought some to try and was hooked on looking for others during my trips. I even found a local market that carries some exotic fruits, the Berkeley Bowl in Berkeley.

But this past few weeks I have seen some in the local supermarkets – Safeway, Lucky’s, and Sprouts. Starfruit, dragonfruit, custard apple, and today I saw whole durian at Sprouts. Big ones, the size of large melons. I have never tried one on any of my trips because I am told that they stink to high heaven (but taste great).



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