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The most “British” of the former empire? March 24, 2017

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In my travels, I meet many people. Some are from nations that once were British colonies (then dominions and commonwealths and such). A short and selective list of examples that lead into my point: Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand. Why? The societies were dominantly shaped by the Anglo population (Yes, that is debatable). Of these, all retain some Britishness, be it engaging in teatime or playing cricket and rugby or saying phrases like bloody.

Canadians, as a whole, are not very British. Only some take tea in the afternoon. They play their own games, especially hockey, and eschew cricket almost completely.

Australians also are only moderately British. They speak the most distant version of the language, although they do use bloody. They play rugby, and a little cricket, but Australian rules football is the main sport. Although they have a Union Jack in their flag, there is much debate over changing it.

South Africans take tea, use bloody and some other British slang, ate rabid about cricket and rugby, take afternoon tea.

New Zealanders win the prize because their language sounds the most British, they do tea, they are rabid about rugby and cricket, they do not wish very much to get rid of their Union Jacked flag.

Others in my thinking: Amongst south Asians, the Sri Lankans are more British than Indians, who are more British than Bangladeshis, who are more British than Pakistanis. Jamaicans are the most British of the independent former colonies in the Caribbean. Outside of South Africa, Kenyans are more British than Nigerians. The others are even less so (Ghanans, Gambians, Sierra Leonians, Tanzanians, Ugandans, et alia in sub-Saharan Africa. In the Arab nations of the former empire, Emiratis are more British than Kuwaitis, Omanis, Qataris.

These are just my very personal views from observations.



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