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Why I am liberal March 25, 2017

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My politics are decidedly liberal. Even though I am an American of the upper middle class, I identify much more with the blue-collar stratum of American society in what I want our society to be and do. Why? That was the one my parents were in and in which my brother, sister, and I were raised. We were not poor, but every dollar my parents earned was valuable. (My success was built upon a pillar of their emphasis – You can be anything, do something you like. Get educated and build on that. Each of us three did and moved into the much higher strata.

But I always think about one factor when I think of government policies or how things work in the US. How would this have affected my parents when they were raising us? Not “How will this new law or regulation benefit me now?”. I believe, therefore, that there must be voices for the “little people” who cannot donate big sums to influence things. That government must take their interests seriously. The wealthy in this country have clout. Businesses and their industries have clout. Without organized, effective clout, these people of modest means will be hurt by new laws and policies because those with clout will dominate.

As an example, I can point to the current fighting over healthcare and health insurance. The average person needs some system to help with the huge costs of an emergency or serious disease. Insurance is a help with that, but the insurance industry must bring in more than enough money to cover things. Going without insurance is a foolish gamble, but affording even minimal coverage can be expensive for many. This is where the government can step in to aid he most needy, to limit premiums to an affordable level (the choice should never be “Do I eat or do I have health coverage?” Insurance ought to be available to everyone.

On other issues, I tend to be liberal – war only when very necessary, access to education, a rein on companies( because true free-market capitalism is ruthless and bloody), and so on. On some fiscal matters, I am a libertarian (with a small l as opposed to the Libertarian political party. I believe a person should be able to live and enjoy his or her life as desired, unless it impinges on someone else’s life. Thus, you can be religious, but do not try to force me to obey your faith or laws designed by the beliefs in your faith. If you are for or against something based on your religion, fine. Live your own life that way. But if I do not, stay out of my life..



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