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Personality types and career choices May 14, 2017

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Most people think that career professions are derived at by discreet steps, such as the choice of a college major. They look at a career and a profession as choices made by which have the most high paying jobs at the time. Success and its long-term maintenance are either glossed over as given and a foregone conclusion or glossed over as nopt important.

But many types of work require certain attitudes and certain types of behavior. For example, anyone going into marketing and sales, must understand people, be personable – and even gregarious, and have the ability to step into a fantasy and make others believe it is real in order to get people to imagine owning that new house or car, or to be on a cruise.

These attitudes and behaviors sum up in a person into what we call personality. Personalities fall into broad families, as found out by and defined by psychologists many decades ago. These are called personality types. One of the more popular personality type systems is the Myers Briggs system.


In Myers Briggs, there are four scales or variables with a trait as being their opposite ends.  With These variations that results in 16 personality types. Each person trends toward a set of 4 values.

Many studies have found that ending up in a profession is not very random. People gravitate to one suited to their personality type.


It turns out that successful research scientists are often INTJ.





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